domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Vai Esperar.

You doubt everything and everyone, and your heart
You're not even care what I feel. Treat me as an option
then they will say that I changed. Love does not send messages
're Losing me but did not notice ...

If someone else appear. What can I do?
If I happened to give me, and I do not repent?
And if I fall in love, who loses is you
I've closed my chances given my share too
You're not taking you seriously, it makes me ill
I have already decided not to run further back

Will wait, I do with another to say you love me?
I give up, and erase our history?
What I forget, to come look for me?

Will wait, that I remove you at once of my plans
To find out what made ​​a mistake?
Love you like I love you, no one will love you ...

Will Wait ...

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